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You can make reservations online by visiting our website. Check the booking page for availability and more information.

Our venue can accommodate groups of any size, with a minimum requirement of 2 guests for advanced bookings. Depending on the location, we can host up to 250 individuals. If you’re planning an event for more than 24 people, please contact us for personalized booking assistance. You can book for groups of 2 to 24 guests online.

There is no age requirement, but participants must be able to throw an axe approximately 14 feet. Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Additionally, after 9:30 PM, all patrons must be at least 21 years old due to state law requirements.

There aren’t any clothing restrictions. We do advise that when participating in axe throwing or ice curling, you wear closed toed shoes.

As a full-service bar and restaurant, we do not permit outside food, with the exception of store-bought cakes for birthdays or special celebrations. You can relax knowing we have all your food and beverage needs covered. Click here to explore our menu offerings.

We accept cash and credit cards. We require a non-refundable deposit at the time of your booking. The remaining balance is paid at the time of the event via credit card.

Axe throwing, duckpin, and curling sessions offer engaging experiences, typically lasting around 1 hour each, tailored to your selected game.

Before all events and sessions, our axe throwing experts will teach you some basic techniques, important safety rules, and how to play the games.

Before all curling events and sessions, our curling experts will teach you some basic techniques, important safety rules, and how to play the games.

In our bar-style curling, there is no sweeping involved. The stones glide back and forth between the targets, creating a unique and engaging experience. We offer specific curated experiences for each game, ensuring a memorable time for all participants.

Surprisingly, it’s very safe. Competitive axe throwing businesses have operated without incident for over ten years in Canada. Follow our strict safety rules, and you can be just as safe as the Canadians!

Nope, for safety and insurance purposes, you must use our axes. They’re nice axes. 

If you cancel your event at least two weeks beforehand, we will refund your deposit. Within two weeks of the event, we will not refund you, but we will reschedule you at our discretion.

Feel free to bring as many people as you’d like, as we have a full bar and food menu available. Your designated area will be determined based on the number of axe throwing participants. Additionally, we also have restaurant-only area seating available. We highly encourage everyone to join in the fun with our new game offerings and enhanced premium experience.